• Bronze medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2005

  • Bronze medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2007

  • Bronze medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2008

  • Silver medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2009

  • Gold medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2011

  • Gold medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2012

  • Silver medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2013

  • Silver medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2014

  • Silver medalist, Asia Cup, Nagano, 2015

  • Gold medalist, Asian Championship, Nagano, 2016


The world’s youngest person to qualify for the Olympic games in Luge, Shiva Keshavan is the first Indian to have won an international medal in any winter sport. Shiva has represented India for over 20 years and competed in 6 Olympic Games and won 10 individual medals at the Asian level.


Shiva’s story began in a remote Himalayan village, Vashisht, at 2500 mts. in altitude where despite the lack of basic infrastructure or sport facilities he rose to compete in the highest level of international sport.

Shiva’s talent was spotted by Gunther Lemmerer, former World Champion and head coach of the International Luge Federation who gave Shiva a chance to compete at a world stage.


The news of an athlete from India competing with a homemade set of equipment, no coach or track to train on and no funding or from the sports federation was instantly picked up by media all around the world.


These were not the only obstacles Shiva had to overcome to become the most decorated and recognizable face in Winter Sports in India, a country of almost 1.5 Billion people.

Shiva story is one of overcoming adversity and a lone struggle against the odds to achieve a seemingly impossible dream. Today Shiva Keshavan is training for his 6th Olympic Games in PyeongChang in 2018 with the support of so many people that have come together around Shiva as he continues to make history for his sport and his country.


In 2014 Shiva became the founder-president of the Olympians Association of India and is committed to support the Olympic movement in India.


Shiva now aims at promoting Winter Games in India, and creating an ecosystem to produce more athletes competing at the highest level.





  • Youngest athlete in the World to compete at the Olympics in Luge. Was just 16 at Nagano 1998 

  • First Indian to win any international medal in Winter sports. First Medal at the 2008 Asian Championship (Bronze). Shiva has since won a total of 10 international medals

  • Participated in a record 5 Olympics 1998, 2002, 2008, 1010, 2014

  • Asian Records: Start-1.191 seconds , Speed-134.5km/h, Track-49.491 at the Asian Championships

  • Fastest Asian with a max speed of 149.9km/h

  • Limca Book sportsperson of the year

  • Sports Illustrated sportsperson of the year, extreme performer

  • NDTV sportsperson of the year, rockstar performer

  • Lawrence School Sanawar achiever of the year


Luge has been an Olympic sport since the 1964 Games in Switzerland. 
Sledging, one of the oldest means of transport known to man is practiced in various forms and disciplines today. 
Artificial track Luge is the Fastest and most dangerous Olympic Sport.
A luge pilot hurls him or herself down an ice chute at speeds of over 150 km per hour without brakes!
The track which is a windy half pipe around 1.5 km long has to be negotiated by athletes in the least time possible.
Athletes are known to experience g forces of upto 10 G and are timed to the thousandth of a second!

Vashist, Himachal Pradesh 173151, India

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