An athlete who exemplified the spirit of the Olympic Games throughout his 22 year international career

Despite the complete lack of Infrastructure or systemic support, Shiva used his passion to become the best known face of winter sports in India, Competing in 6 Olympics and winning all of India's 10 international medals

Born in the remote Vashisht Village at 2500 meters altitude in the Indian Himalayas, Shiva rose to prominence as a winter sports athlete after he set the world record by qualifying for the Olympic Games at 16. 


Shiva's dream of representing the country despite the odds and achieving success through dedication and determination has been written about and documented in some of the biggest sport media  the biggest media documented in a series of media reports



6 time Olympian

3 time Asian Champion

10 International medals for India

World Records:

Youngest person to ever qualify for the Olympics in Luge

Asian Records:

Start, track and speed record holder


Keynote Speaker

Inspirational Talks

Shiva's incredible story of reaching the highest levels of international sport despite the absence of infrastructure, coaching and resources are bound to make anyone rethink of their own possibilities.


the talks revolve around making the best of your circumstance, how to set and achieve your goals, how to me mindful of your surroundings, being dedicated, nurturing your passion, perseverance, and what it means to be a leader.

Shiva's talks are based on personal experiences in the competitive field of elite sports. He has been invited to speak at some of the most important international forums such as the IOC, UEFA, TED and also in various educational institutions and multinational corporations.

Service to Sport

Building the Olympic Movement in India

Founder and 1st elected president,

Olympians Association of India


Indian Olympic Association Ethics commission


State sports council Himachal Pradesh 


Indian Olympic Association

Athletes commission

Vashist, Himachal Pradesh 173151, India

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